Dry Arch Growers – September 2017

In January 2015 Dry Arch Growers in Bathampton planted fifty apple trees and we were delighted to have donated many of them. Move on to September 2017 and their first fruits are ripening. The reward for all their careful nurturing.

It was in 2011 Dry Arch Growers set up their weekly vegetable box scheme. Six years later in March this year the cooperative took the decision to change their operating mode. They began the process of launching a model based on the concept of a ‘community allotment’.

The new scheme is aimed at people who maybe

  • Want a regular supply of vegetables throughout the growing season
  • Would like to share in the sowing, growing and harvesting
  • Enjoy working and learning with others
  • Are new to growing vegetables

Anyone joining the co-operative has an option to also participate in the community allotment scheme for an extra payment and a commitment of time in growing and associated tasks. In return they can expect to harvest a share of vegetables every week when produce is available. Volunteers are welcomed, and if they do not wish to join as a paid up allotmenteer they can share the surplus produce which the team produces.

They have a core group of members and welcome all newcomers.

Wendy Pollard