Grant for restoration of the Cascade in Bath

Avon Gardens Trust award grant towards the restoration of the Cascade in the Botanical Gardens in Royal Victoria Park, Bath
The Cascade in the Botanical Gardens in Royal Victoria Park Nursery was historically supplied with fresh water that ran into the park from the golf course and the area around Camden Crescent. This source was stopped by Wessex Water when the water was found to be causing flooding to basements in Lansdown. It was later discovered that the Cascade was leaking and needed to be re-lined. Traditionally, this had not been a problem as there had always been a constant supply of water from further up the hill, but now that this supply has been stopped, Bath and North East Council are looking into the best options for re-instating the Cascade and also improving conditions in the pond in the Botanical Gardens and in the duck ponds further down the hill.
Avon Gardens Trust has donated £3,250 towards this restoration of the Cascade and look forward to seeing the progress.