Photo Competition for Members

Flash, Bang, Wallop, What a Picture!

So, you have sorted out the house plants, painted the spare room, read a long-anticipated book and deleted your old emails. It is pouring with rain and blowing a gale. You are bored to tears.

Avon Gardens Trust are offering you something worthwhile to do. Over the last couple of years most of you will have visited interesting, colourful, inspiring gardens. Many of you will have taken photographs on phone or camera. Often you will not have looked at them again. Now is the opportunity to re-visit them, clear out the worst and pull out the best. It is the best that we are looking for. We want you to enter our first Photographic Competition.

Following the change of logo, we are re-printing our membership leaflet. This is often the first thing that potential members see of us. We need a lead photo and others to put in the content. Spontaneous and unexpected snaps by members, who may not think of themselves as photographers, are often close to our focus. This competition may produce the one for us.

We are offering a £20 book token for the picture that our judges consider to best express the essence of a great garden. It should have been taken in Avon since January 2018. It should be in .jpg or .jpeg format (virtually all phone cameras) and should not have been digitally manipulated. The competition closes on 30 June 2020 with the winner being announced two weeks later. The rules are on theAGT website but a hard copy can be sent if you request it from the Membership Secretary by voice or text on 07789 620802.

We are looking forward to seeing your best efforts.

Before sending us your entries, please click here to read the Conditions of Entry to the Competition