Blaise High School, Henbury

AGT recently awarded £250 to the school to enable commencement of a sensory space for pupils to engage in gardening activities and realise the benefits of engagement.

They are developing an outdoor garden space within the school. The build project is going to be to help some of our more vulnerable students engage with the school, giving them a deeper sense of purpose and belonging within the community. We are hoping to create a space that will enrich our therapeutic department within our school, a space where students can get their hands dirty and feel the mental health benefits of gardening and a space that can be used as an outdoor therapy hub.

The children we are working with are struggling with various mental health issues as well as difficulties in their specific home lives and community- often a tricky mix of many difficult issues. The value of a safe place and the opportunity to enjoy gardening, we believe will have a great positive influence on their lives and help guide them back to feeling resilient and strong again. As a therapy department we work with over two hundred of our pupils each week so our reach within the community is quite large.

The space will include an allotment, a nature area, a pond, a seating space, a campfire circle and a space to build and display outside artworks.