Hanging Gardens at Crews Hole -update

Our campaign and crowd funder to save Blackswarth Road Wood in urban Bristol has been a huge success so far, thanks in no small part to the many wonderful local and national groups who have rallied to support us and help reach many new supporters. The auction takes place at 5:30PM on Wednesday 13th September and while we’re confident, there is still a real danger that a competing bidder may attempt to acquire the woodland for future development and even harm the habitat to increase their chances of success. Our intention to protect this woodland as it currently exists and its function as a critical wildlife corridor and we are supported by all of the local nature groups as the single bid to save the woodland (no pressure!).


We’d be hugely grateful for any help you can provide to increase awareness in any way possible with a goal to

a) maximise donations and our chances of winning on Wednesday

b) to reiterate the message to any competing bidders that an engaged and strong community is ready to protect this habitat in the event of us not winning the auction.

If you have any media contacts who may also be interested in covering this story, we would love to talk to them.

Many thanks

Duncan Porter

Save Blackswarth Road Wood Campaign