Conservation & Planning

The safeguarding of Avon’s historic parks and gardens through greater understanding and awareness is a priority for the Trust.

We work closely with local authorities as well as local and national organisations to ensure these landscapes are protected from inappropriate planning applications that would affect our heritage.

The Trust also awards grants towards the conservation of certain sites by assisting with the maintenance and repair of certain buildings including the restoration of the gazebo at Ham Green House, the repair of the Pebble House at Banwell Caves, the repair of the Victorian greenhouse at Blaise Castle and supporting the work in restoration of Warmley Gardens.

The bandstand once in St George Park, Bristol
The bandstand once in St George Park, Bristol

Planning Casework

An important part of the conservation of parks and gardens is monitoring and responding to the flow of planning applications that are regularly published on Local Authority websites.

The Gardens Trust does not employ regional conservation officers to deal with routine casework. Instead, it works closely with colleagues in the county gardens trusts to ensure that together we are able to give authoritative, local and specialist advice on planning and other conservation matters.

The Gardens Trust, of which Avon Gardens Trust is part, was formed on 24 July 2015 through the merger of The Garden History Society and the Association of Gardens Trusts. It is the Statutory Consultee in relation to planning proposals which affect historic designed landscapes identified by Historic England as being of national significance, and which are included on the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England.

Map showing the area covered by Avon Garden's Trust - North Somerset, Bath & North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bristol

Current Planning Applications

By looking on any of the local council websites you can see what applications that affect registered parks and gardens have been made and follow week by week the progress of them.

The following cases are ‘live’ and any representation by the Avon Gardens Trust concerning a registered park or garden is published by the local authority and can be read online.

Bath & North East Somerset Council - Planning

There have been no applications affecting a Regsitered Park or Garden so far this year

Bristol City Council - Planning

  • Kings Weston - 19/01368/LA  [footway bridge over Kings Weston Road]
  • Stoke Park - 20/04821/X - AGT: Object.  Decision: to grant permission to use Quartz SMA surface for historic driveway
  • Clanage Road - 20/01930/F  AGT: Object.  Pending decision - referred to the Secretary of State
  • Ashton Court - 20/01655/F - AGT: Object.  548 Docs.  Pending decision - 3 letters from AGT and GT
  • Kings Weston - 20/05143/F - AGT: Object- 499 docs.  Pending decision on whether to allow floodlights and football stand in RPG.
  • Romney House - 20/05477/M - AGT: Support.  400 docs.  Pending decision
  • Whitehouse Lane - 20/05811F - AGT: Object.  281 Docs.  Pending decision [student housing which will impact views of Victoria Park]

North Somerset Council - Planning

  • Leigh Woods - 20/P/2223/FUL   AGT: Response: support.  Decision: Approve
  • Belmont House - 20/P/3170/FUL   AGT: Support.  Decision: Approve

South Gloucestershire Council - Planning

  • Dodington Park Estate - P20/14647/F   AGT: Support.  Decision: Pending (Art Gallery within the Walled Garden)
  • Frenchay Hospital - P19/8104/F   AGT: Support.  Decision: Approve
  • Page Park - P20/23896/F   AGT: Object.  Decision: Refuse (Extension to house which does not respect the character of the surrounding area)
  • Tracy Park - P21/00975/LB   AGT: Support.  Decision: Pending (Wedding venue in walled garden)
  • Hill House Road - P21/00916/RM   AGT: Object.  Awaiting decision
  • 2 Edmund Close - P21/00038/F    AGT: No comment.  Decision: approve with conditions

The Gardens Trust

The Gardens Trust was formed by the merger of the Association of Gardens Trusts and the Garden History Society on 24 July 2015.

As a member of one of these founder organisations, namely the Association of Gardens Trusts, Avon Gardens Trust and its members are now affiliated to The Gardens Trust.

Over the years, both the Association of Gardens Trusts with its 36 county gardens trusts from all over England, and the Garden History Society have had the same aims of raising awareness of the designed landscape and protecting against inappropriate development through academic research, conservation initiatives and a dedicated volunteer base.

As the national voice for the county gardens trusts, The Gardens Trust shares information with a wide range of like-minded garden heritage groups including the Garden Museum, Parks and Gardens UK, the Historic Houses Association, the National Trust and Historic England.

The Gardens Trust Website