Grants for Community Groups

Established over 25 years ago, Avon Gardens Trust is part of a national network of county gardens trusts.

Besides having a particular interest in the conservation and enjoyment of historic gardens and public parks, county gardens trusts are also keen to promote the importance of outdoor community spirit  through the development of gardens in communal spaces.

Avon Gardens Trust is keen to encourage communities in the Avon area develop their local area communal spaces. Applications are invited from communities in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire for small grants to help them purchase plants or gardening equipment.

Application for community grants
Bev Knott, Chairman of Friends of Bishop’s Knoll Wood, with a new information board featuring AGT logo
Bev Knott, Chairman of Friends of Bishop’s Knoll Wood, with a new information board featuring AGT logo

Previous Community Grants

Hartcliffe Health and Environmental Action Group – Autumn 2014

We gave a ‘helping hand’ to the Hartcliffe Health and Environmental Action Group (HHEAG) by providing a new cover for one of their poly tunnels. On the appointed sunny morning I turned up at the allotment site as a volunteer to meet a dozen people, all connected with running HHEAG. Led by Sue Walker together with the leader of their allotment gardening and under the instruction of an expert, we were soon issued with spades…

Hartcliffe Health and Environmental Action Group – Summer 2014

We are delighted to give support to community groups in the form of a modest grant. Hartcliffe Health & Environment Action Group is a charity based at the Gatehouse Centre in the Dundry View area of South Bristol. Established for 24 years, the group works to improve the health, wellbeing and environment of local people. They aim to achieve this by providing a range of services and activities for residents. All projects are led by…

Dry Arch Growers

We are delighted to give support to community groups in the form of a modest grant. Dry Arch Growers are a Bathampton Community Co-operative registered as an Industrial Provident Society. They comprise a group of people from Bathampton and surrounding areas whose aim is to manage back to useful life a six acre site which was, until twenty years ago, a market garden, for the benefit of the local community. Situated in an area of…

Bristol Walled Garden Project Update

The Walled Garden Project at the old St Luke’s Vicarage in Barton Hill, Bristol is a community garden. In 2013 they applied to the Avon Gardens Trust for funding to create a Herb Garden within the space. Local residents come together to cultivate the garden with vegetables and fruit. Open days with community activities and delicious food are popular. Impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the leaders, the Avon Gardens Trust were please…

A Peace Garden in Barton Hill, Bristol – Bringing communities together

Representatives from the Somali Resource Centre receiving a cheque as a contribution for fruit trees in the Peace Garden in front of the community mosque in Barton Hill

Belying the summer to come, on a cold and grey June day a cheque was handed over to representatives from the Somali Resource Centre and the charity Agora ( in front of the Peace Garden on the forecourt of the inclusive community Mosque in Barton Hill. Our visit to the Somali Resource Centre at the Barton Hill Settlement in November 2012 and subsequently meeting a representative from Agora had led on to their initial application…

An Award Winning Community Walled Garden in Bristol

Tucked away behind the Georgian facade of the old St. Luke’s Vicarage on the corner of Queen Anne Road in Barton Hill lies a spacious, historic walled garden in the area of the ancient ecclesiastical parish of Temple or Holy Cross. Dearly loved and beautifully laid out in earlier times, it had become neglected. Rather than the property being put on the open market, Dr Chris Sunderland of Agora, a charitable organisation which works to…