Invitation to apply for a Grant for your Primary or Special School

Established over 25 years ago, Avon Gardens Trust is part of a national network of county gardens trusts.

Besides having a particular interest in the conservation and enjoyment of historic gardens and public parks, county gardens trusts are also keen to promote the importance of outdoor learning through the development of gardens in primary schools.

Avon Gardens Trust is keen to encourage primary and special schools in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire develop their school gardens. Applications are invited from these schools for small grants to help them purchase plants or gardening equipment.

The Trust is especially keen to hear from pupils in primary schools who are members of their School Council or school gardening club. Please tell us about your school, what the garden projects are and what flowers or vegetables are already being grown. We would like to hear what you would like to do next and how a grant could help you achieve that. There are lots of things that can be done but a few of our ideas include the purchase of fruit trees, vegetables or flowering plants or even the buying of garden tools. The list below gives a few ideas of what could be purchased:

  • Plants for the sensory garden
  • Plants to attract wildlife
  • Fruit trees
  • Seeds and seedlings
  • Rain water collection
  • Hand tools, forks, trowels, potting compost, watering cans
  • Herbs that can be used in cooking
  • Ground preparation –e.g. raised beds etc.

We are able to award grants of between £200 and £250 following a successful application. We ask that recipients send us updates and photographs of their projects that have been helped by the grant, so that we can put it on our website. We would also very much like to visit if possible once the work has been completed.

Schools Grants Application Form