Gardens of The Newt in Somerset


Tuesday, 31 March 2020 at 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Plan of gardens
Aerial view of the gardens at The Newt in Somerset

Tuesday 31 March at 1pm.

Visit to The Newt in Somerset,

Bruton, Somerset BA7 7NG.

Cost to members and their guests to be confirmed.



The Newt in Somerset is a new garden opened in May 2019. Formerly the home of garden designer Penelope Hobhouse, the current owner has invested millions of pounds in redesigning the gardens to an exceptionally high standard. The grounds feature over 250 varieties of apples and there is also a wide range of cultivated areas including a Kitchen Garden, Fragrance Garden, Greenhouse, Colour Gardens, cascades, ponds and lakes; and, at the very core, a walled parabola concealing an apple tree. The estate is surrounded by woodland and orchards. Over 3,000 cider apple trees grace the landscape, reviving orchards that thrived here three hundred years ago. The trees are not bush-like dwarfs favoured by commercial cider-makers as they are easy to pick, but tall, elegant standards, recreating the vistas that were familiar to the Hobhouse family in the C18. The woodlands are home to a wide variety of trees, plants and wild animals.

Note: The ticket price allows a garden pass for the whole calendar year, so one can return and witness the change of the seasons in this wonderful arena.

We have looked into providing transport for these visits but the costs and complexity of the Avon area prevent us from achieving an affordable outcome. We are proposing to introduce a car share scheme for all AGT events. Arrangements for any visit can be made through Peter Hills and every effort will be made to couple up attendees where requested.
For bookings on all events, please contact Peter Hills – [email protected]; phone 01275 858 809 or 07748 507 166 [Mob] for details; or post the attached booking form.