Membership of Avon Gardens Trust

By joining Avon Gardens Trust, you will be helping to protect and conserve Avon’s many designed landscapes.

Download our application form, complete online and email.


In addition to supporting the work of the Trust, membership offers the following benefits:

We enjoyed a glorious summer afternoon touring Newton Park after our AGM (photo: Anne Hills)

Walks and Talks

Visits to gardens, parks and other designed landscapes. Illustrated talks by experts. Plus, the opportunity to participate in study days, visits or meetings organised by neighbouring Trusts and The Gardens Trust.

Safeguarding our Heritage

Knowing your membership is helping with grants for restoration and conservation projects.

Grants to Primary Scools

schools vegetable patch

Promoting the importance of outdoor learning through gardens in primary schools


Grants to Community Groups

Garden projects for communities

Grants to encouraging the development of gardens in communal areas

Membership Rates

Single adult: £15.00 [£20.00 from 1st July 2024]
Two adults at the same address: £20.00 [£30.00 from 1st July 2024]
Under 25s: £5.00

These are the current annual rates and cover the period 1 July to 30 June. Any new joiner after 1st March in any year will have their second year refunded.

If you would like to become a member of Avon Gardens Trust, please download the Application form

Payment by standing order reduces our administrative costs so please complete in the application form

Gift Aid – as a Charity, Avon Gardens Trust is able to reclaim income tax on members’ subscriptions which makes a big difference to our income.

For more information email our Membership Secretary.

You can also view our full privacy statement.