Location of Parks & Gardens in Avon

Map Markers

Green Map Marker - Municipal ParksMunicipal Parks

Light Blue Map Markers - Other historic public open spacesOther Historic Public Open Spaces

Red Map Markers - Properties with restricted openingProperties with Restricted Opening

Dark Blue Map Markers - Private but with public access e.g. hotelsPrivate but with Public Access e.g. Hotels

Yellow Map Markers - CemeteriesCemeteries

Purple Map Markers - Historic England registered sites NOT open to the public Historic England Registered Sites NOT open to the public

Map Markers with a dot - A Historic England Registered siteA dot on ANY listing indicates that it's a Historic England Registered site (View more information about these Places)

Click the markers on the map for more details about parks and gardens in Avon. Where possible, a link to information on the Parks & Gardens UK database has been provided.

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